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Woreda Girls Receive Items to Help Them Stay in School

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Matson Homes, We Heart All has been able to make a significant impact in Doddota Woreda, Ethiopia. For the past five years, this community has been grappling with the harsh effects of a relentless drought, leaving families desperate for food, and forcing children to sacrifice their education to help their families survive. However, united with the unwavering support of Arsi University, Arsi Zone Women's and Children Affairs, Local School Directors, and Woreda Administration, We Heart All has sprung into action!

We are overjoyed to share that we have successfully provided scholastic materials, school bags, and feminine products to 50 of the most vulnerable girls in the community. These girls, predominantly from single mother families, were thoughtfully chosen to receive our support. But this is just the beginning of our comprehensive program, carefully designed to empower both children and families to thrive in the face of adversity.


Zet Covers Sewing School

At We Heart All, we are proud to have created a life-changing opportunity for struggling women in Lira, Uganda. With the generous support of Matson Homes, we were able to provide them with new sewing machines, including five training machines and one industrial machine, as well as essential supplies like oil, scissors, thread, and material. This thoughtful investment has enabled the women to embark on a transformative journey of learning and valuable practice. By equipping them with these resources, we are taking a significant step towards empowering them to acquire the skills necessary to generate income for themselves and their families.

Our belief in the power of education and practical training is at the core of our mission. We know that providing these women with the tools and knowledge they need will not only enhance their own lives but also contribute to the betterment of their entire community.


We Heart All recently partnered with Numan Children's Home, which is a nonprofit that supports an orphanage in Assela, Ethiopia, to help raise enough money for the down payment on their land to create a self-sustaining community. We are proud to say that, with the help and support of our donors, we were able to raise 64 percent of the amount needed in just one week. We look forward to continuing our mission and doing what we can to make the world a better place.

Numan Permanency Project

Sunflower Sew and Sew Creates Quilts for Residents

We Heart All recently partnered with Sunflower Sew and Sew to provide hand-made quilts for 15 children and 4 adults that live at Numan Children's Home in Assela, Ethiopia. Our hope is to bring some comfort and joy to those who need it most. We invite you to join us on this mission and help make a difference in the lives of others.

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