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Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Uganda's Poorest Region

We Heart All and local leaders in Uganda's impoverished Busoga Sub-Region band together to address the critical lack of accessible healthcare for children in need. The region faces severe poverty, with a significant percentage living on a dollar a day, resulting in a staggering child mortality rate. Malaria, HIV, and other diseases further exacerbate the healthcare challenges faced by the community.


We Heart All's initial focus is to provide resources for transporting emergent medical cases, but our ultimate goal is to establish a dedicated children's and women's hospital. This initiative has the potential to save lives and bring hope to the most vulnerable population in the region, creating a brighter future for them.

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Rwandan Children

The Busoga Sub-Region in Uganda faces a range of health challenges, with malaria as the leading cause of death, followed by HIV, diarrheal diseases, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and parasitic infections.

We Heart All's primary mission involves two key aspects: raising funds for monthly transportation of critically ill children in need of urgent medical care and collecting donations for a long-term capital project. The capital project aims to acquire land and build a hospital in phases, allowing comprehensive healthcare access to a larger population in the region. Additionally, the organization is coordinating a medical mission to directly provide healthcare services to the community, with the aim of reaching as many individuals as possible within a week.

The partnership between We Heart All and local leaders addresses the pressing need for accessible medical care, particularly for children. The lack of proximity to a children's hospital, which is three hours away, creates transportation challenges for families seeking medical help for critically ill children. The region heavily relies on motorcycles for transportation, which poses difficulties for pregnant women and families with sick children.

The ultimate objective of We Heart All is to establish a dedicated children's and women's hospital in the region, providing essential medical services and preventing needless suffering and loss of life. However, funding remains a significant obstacle, making support from individuals, organizations, and governments crucial for achieving the goal of serving as many children as possible.

The partnership between We Heart All and local leaders offers hope to impoverished children and families, potentially saving lives and fostering a brighter future. With the establishment of a local hospital, thousands of children and their families could benefit annually. Through continued support, this initiative has the power to make a difference and positively impact the lives of Busoga's children.

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